About Therapy

Seeking therapy is an individual choice. People come to therapy for many reasons. Sometimes they wish to deal with long-standing psychological issues, or problems with anxiety or depression. They may be responding to unexpected changes in their life such as a divorce or work transition. Many people seek professional input as they pursue their own personal exploration and growth. Working with a therapist can help provide insight, support, and new strategies for all types of life challenges. Therapy can help address many types of issues including depression, anxiety, conflict, grief, identity issues, body-image concerns, and general life transitions. Therapy is right for anyone who is interested in getting the most out of their life by taking responsibility, creating greater self-awareness, and working towards change.

In fact, people seek therapy when they have the self-awareness to realize they might benefit from some help, and that is something to be admired. Seeking therapy can be viewed as part of making a commitment to change one's situation.

Therapy can provide long-lasting benefits and support, offering ways to avoid triggers, re-direct unhelpful patterns, and overcome challenges.